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Makes YouTube videos

CNC 6040 Router

I'm a CNC enthusiast and it all started with this machine

My videos about my router projects are doing very well on YouTube. I get so much questions about the machine that I made a special page on this website all about the CNC 6040!!!

3D Printing

From an idea in your head to a physical object in your hand in a few hours. Every time I work with my printer I’m still astonished by the fact that these machines are now available for everyone that can spare $200 to buy one


Depending on the size of your project your print takes usually between 0.5-10 hours to finish.


The cheapest 3D filaments are around $20/KG. Most 3D prints cost just couple of dollars.


A 3D printer is a very clean machine and can be easily used in living room conditions.

metalworking lathe

  • Cuts metals like butter
  • Chamfers, pockets and threads
  • 0.05 mm accuracy

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